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Pamz Bleep-It Doll

I am starting a Suzi Softwear Doll Fundraising Project, by selling my hobby of hand crocheted Gifts and other items.  My Suzi Softwear Doll will be a three-dimensional doll.  Unlike your REAL Computer, this is a doll that can be easily torn apart and put back together again, thrown on the floor and stomped on, or punch the monitor.  This tear away doll is a doll that you need to put near your computer.  Read more about this doll at Suzi Softwear Project.  In the meantime, you might want to read on about “Pamz Bleep-It Doll.”   This is one project that I am selling to obtain the funds for my “Suzi Softwear Doll.”  When you get frustrated with your computer, Slam this little doll around. She doesn’t mind and NO ONE gets hurt.

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The Truth About Hypnosis

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“Give us 1 hour per week and we’ll force the world’s top hypnotists to give up their most powerful, most covert, and most effective mind control secrets for creating the life of YOUR dreams”

-Jim Katsoulis