Win a Computer Anger Doll

Pamz Mall is a website Dedicated to raise funding for producing a Computer Stress /Frustration Doll.  All money raised will go towards the “Suzi Softwear Project”  I am also holding a contest.  You can Win a Suzi for you and a Suzi for your favorite Computer Class Room.  Read more at Pamz Mall or Pamz Kro Shay Shoppe.  I now have a crocheted version of Suzi.  It’s called Pamz Bleep-It Doll.  It comes with a poem to say when you’re frustrated or stressed out with your computer. She is flat, but you can smack her around instead of smashing your computer or smacking others around.  The poem end with something like ” take the doll where you can slammit, as you do scream dang it, Dang It, DANG IT!”  When you fold her up she resemble a tablet or laptop.  Opened, it resembles a robot of sorts.

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