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Pamz Bleep-It Doll

I am starting a Suzi Softwear Doll Fundraising Project, by selling my hobby of hand crocheted Gifts and other items.  My Suzi Softwear Doll will be a three-dimensional doll.  Unlike your REAL Computer, this is a doll that can be easily torn apart and put back together again, thrown on the floor and stomped on, or punch the monitor.  This tear away doll is a doll that you need to put near your computer.  Read more about this doll at Suzi Softwear Project.  In the meantime, you might want to read on about “Pamz Bleep-It Doll.”   This is one project that I am selling to obtain the funds for my “Suzi Softwear Doll.”  When you get frustrated with your computer, Slam this little doll around. She doesn’t mind and NO ONE gets hurt.