Here’s a Comical Way To Get Relief From Computer Stress

I want all people in the computer industry know that computer stress is REAL.  The frustrations and anger some of us get when we are on the computer and it goes Down and we didn’t save our work.  Or when after writing the perfect program it bombs out for the fifth or sixth time.  It just doesn’t go away.  That  x@#$%x computer just does not want to cooperate with me today.  Some people I know some, have actually put their fist through the monitor screen.  They pick up the computer and through it or they let their own family or pet have it, by cursing at them or God forbid, actually harming them.  I have created a special doll or two that would make this frustration ease up just a little.  By seeing humor in such situations people can relax more and get done what needs to be done.  For myself, I used to sell Chocolates.  Yes that is right, chocolate computers, discs, and boards.  Also in my line I sold squeezies in the shape of computers.  My motto was Have Fun, Not Stress.  Relaxing in computer situations can bring about the outcome you were looking for to begin with.  Instead of ranting and raving that the computer is at fault, just smack around the dolls I have created and you can get on with your work much faster.  I have two dolls,  one I have crocheted and called it Pamz Bleep-It Doll.  The other is sitting at the research and development team ready to be put together  and on the shelves of the store that wants to sell it.  My purpose of getting on with WA is to produce enough income to not just pay off my bills but to also get the doll out of my mind and into the stores.  I have been dreaming of that day since the late 1980’s.  I was working in a computer room.  I saw first hand what computer people go through.  From the computer operators, and programmers to the management team involved.  If they would only have had my doll in that room, we would not have gotten on each other’s nerves and argued so much during those three shifts.  So I know, computer people NEED some kind of relief from the stress of the day and night.